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Michael A Wood Jr. in Playa Vista, California

Book Mr. Wood for your speaking event on any policing issue from prisons to gun control to civilian-led policing – to whistleblowing.



Eliot (signed Book)

Author: Michael Wood Jr.

Eliot (Signed Book)

Get a personalized copy of Wood’s breakout fiction novel, Eliot, signed with a note to you from the author. Much of Michael Wood and his thoughts are only know after the whistle-blowing; this written gets into the mind of Wood while he was still a police and struggling through the reality of government and state violence. Having a signed copy invites you into a small club, as signings are not something that Mr. Wood tends to do, but here he (and you) get to help build iMemberMedia and the freethinking messages we promote to advance the discussion for continually improving human lives.