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Hosted by: C. Squared

TMB with C Squared – Podcast

The basic premise of the TMB podcast with C. Squared is one that has been tried and true by artists, philosophers both street and scholarly, and scores of everyday people. The social constructs of power have manipulated the masses from understanding the benefits of taking a few moments to yourself (or with friends) in reflection of the lives we are and the environments that shape us. A fresh start with aroma and awakening of an ancient delicacy, the coffee bean, works in synergy with multifaceted cannabis plant to enhance empathy and provide a different perspective. It is not always that these thoughts are the best thoughts, it is that these thoughts open us up to the reality of different and complex perspectives. There is so much that divides us in the narrative of the day, but at the core of it, we are intimately tied together with ourselves and everything else out there. Sometimes, we just need little help getting past all the noises and biases.


Warning; explicit and maybe a little controversial…. Okay, probably controversial….. Okay, definitely controversial.

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