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Shift Change

Author: T. S. Cromartie

Shift Change

The majority of this short story is completely true. The so what aspect of “based on real-life events” will quickly evaporate when you understand that the moment the two main characters stand side by side, in near pitch black, at the threshold of a smoky room of blood-soaked walls and a blood-soaked resident who is speaking incoherently, is 100% factual. Shift Change is a dramatic, short-story, retelling a night in East Baltimore where two veteran police enter a house emitting audible haunts. The tensest part the workday, just before shift change, cop luck always seems to have it that responding to what should be a routine call is an oxymoron. Just as the trusted partners thought they had wrapped up the evening safely, the two find themselves alone, fighting for their lives and cut off from radio communication.

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