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Nuance II

Hosted by: Roberto Alejandro & Michael Wood Jr.

Nuance 2 – Podcast

nu·ance – noun: (1) a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound. (2) a current events podcast with a focus on issues related to police, violence, and society; featuring a U.S. Marine, a lawyer, a Baltimore police sergeant, a religion scholar, an author, a police management scholar, and a journalist but only two hosts.


For Nuance 2, iMemberMedia partners with Stayup.News for an expanded presentation of Nuance with Journalist, Dr. Roberto E. Alejandro Esquire, and Michael Wood Jr. The focus of this production lies in looking for the other side of the argument, bringing in the science, and chipping away at groupthink, biases, prejudices, and the limitations of perspective. Both hosts come from a generally postmodern perspective, so mix in the social constructs, that are not real, but humans use as concepts to affect nearly everything. Roberto has spent a lifetime listening to the voices of the people, especially as portrayed through the lens of hip-hop. He communicates that story through his work as the CEO of On Background Media and StayUp News.  Along his educational journey, he has earned a BA in History and Political Science, an MA in Ecclesiastical History, a Law Degree, and a Doctorate in Religion and Theology.


Cohost, Michael Wood Jr., served a four-year enlistment as a Marine Sergeant in the Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team Company, then spent 11 years in the Baltimore Police Department as a Patrol Officer, Knocker, Major Case Narcotics Detective, Sergeant, and Unit Commander, until being forced to retire from a recurring shoulder injury. Since then, he has attempted to listen to the people and find solutions to society’s policing issues, which brought him through an educational path of a BA in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, an MA in Business Management and Information Technology, and a current doctoral candidacy in Business Management and Management Education.


Despite similar goals, the hosts’ dramatically different beginnings led to a crossing of paths during the uprising in Baltimore, post the killing of Freddie Gray. Nuance began as part of a mutual frustration over the simple narratives dominating the discussing and the isolating of those narratives from the rest of society who does not fit a preconceived narrative of preference. So, they began recording and are now inviting you to relisten on this network, but we implore you to explore Dr. Alejandro’s work over at StayUp.News. So, onward to the next logical step the iMemberMedia efforts to provide some… well, Nuance…

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