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Law Enforcement Career & Promotion Guide

Author: Michael Wood Jr.

Law Enforcement Career & Promotion Guide

Pass your civil service promotional exam the first time, every time. The materials offered by the Police Leadership Association series of iMemberMedia publications are designed to provide a single resource for career development for law enforcement officers and supervisors. These materials are not all of the theoretical information that you find in the sources that are out there, which are not written by real police and do not understand what really goes into the promotional processes, what really works, and what we really need to know.


All of the fluff has been taken out, just the facts, the tricks, and guidance all in one place. No more shuffling between different books, the internet, and stacks of paper. Everything you need is right here, in one place. We seek to open the curtain on the promotional process to make it fair for everyone and most importantly to raise the bar and reserve the honor of supervising police officers for those truly worthy. The materials are continually updated to ensure that the most up to date information is provided. The cornerstone of the PLA is the Law Enforcement Career & Promotion Guide, the powerful resource that is made with you in mind. The 516 pages in this guide are the most powerful promotional tool a Baltimore police officer can have. 16 pages of critical terminology. 129 pages that summarize the Policies & Procedures of the Baltimore Police Department. 32 pages that break down the Maryland laws into a system even quicker than the digest. 135 pages that of Law Enforcement Management that forever put an end to reading all of those boring scientific theory guides that are needed to pass promotional exams.


Everything important that you can find in those books is now in a language that is written for police, by police, that you can understand. 240 practice written questions just like on current tests. 31 pages of the tips and tricks to oral board interviews, written “inbox”, mock scenarios, etc. 63 pages of the absolute best oral board scenarios, answered completely and thoroughly. 10 pages to write your notes down. Learn the system that is easily taught in this guide to ace your test and put your career in your hands. This is not the materials that you have seen before.