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Crimes & Punishments: In the 21st Century (podcast)

Hosted by: Michael Wood Jr.

Crimes & Punishments: In the 21st Century (podcast)

The Crimes and Punishments: In the 21st Century podcast is hosted by the author of the philosophical positions, Michael Wood Jr. In the podcast version of the published works and audiobook, the seminal researcher, Wood, expands upon his work in shorter clips broken down into an introduction, a reference or additional source, the reading of one essay, and information about the next episode.


There is something special about hearing an internationally praised subject matter expert lay out their thinking in their own voice. This is a new thing in the future of digital media. Wood is of the right age and experience to be one of the first revolutionary freethinkers to have these tools available and we at iMemberMedia are proud to be a part of it. The exchange for this free production lies in dealing with advertisements for each episode. To avoid the advertisements, head over to Audible, Amazon, or iTunes and own the audiobook version and if you are paper fans, like us, the paperback version is available all over, but Amazon is the easiest. Do not forget to subscribe to Wood’s YouTube channel, as well as iMemberMedia’s for enhanced presentations in video format.

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