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Crimes & Punishments: In the 21st Century (CD Audio)

Narrated by: Michael Wood Jr.

Crimes & Punishments: In the 21st Century (CD Audio)

Some of us remember a huge black case filled with silicone discs sitting on the passenger seat floor of our cars. For those with a sense of nostalgia, for those who prefer the higher quality sound, for those with a grandma that just figured out the CD player reliably so let us not speak of explaining iTunes, for those adventuring off the grid, and for those needing this format for Universal Design for Learning, iMemberMedia presents an old-school Compact Disc audiobook, complete with the sleeves, clicks, cases, inserts, and ridiculously difficult to open cellophane (authenticity matters) that we remember.


In his own voice, the renowned policing scholar, Michael Wood Jr., intimately brings you into his philosophies from within his hand-built remote studio. From Wood’s pursuit of policing excellence, his research led him to no choice but to conclude that the established institutions of crimes and punishment work against the best interest of society. Some argue that the result was always the intent of criminal justice systems and that criminal justice belongs in air quotes whenever spoken. Regardless of tyrannical intent or ineptitude, a complete reimagining of the foundational principles and structure of state violence is required to halt the Orwellian progression.


During Wood’s scholarship, he noticed a general regression of thought on justice since the enlightenment period. Building off the famous work of one of the enlightenment period philosophers, Cesare Beccaria, Wood constructs the pathways to the new enlightenment of justice. The product of practice and study, Wood’s life evolved from a 17-year-old US Marine to a decade policing the streets of Baltimore; then from to international police consultant to a scholar of management systems. A unique perspective grew from the combination of diverse exposure. For the former whistle-blower, it was not an easy journey to go from an instrument of violence to an instrument of peace and he claims that it will not be an easy journey for you either, but it is the one that we owe to the future; to make a safer world for our children to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.