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Crimes & Punishments: In the 21st Century (book)

Author: Michael Wood Jr.

Crimes & Punishments: In the 21st Century (book)

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Technology and portability are amazing and convenient, but there is something special about paper. The feel of the pages through your fingers and the ability to just hand it over to a friend are just some of what makes the classic, timeless. iMemberMedia’s publication of Crimes and Punishments: In the 21st Century lays out the holistic approach of the seminal researcher, Wood, who explains in hard-hitting simplicity the realities of our approaches to societal protection and how they require re-envisioning to obtain the desired results.


A lifelong pursuit of justice, from 17-year-old Marine to career in policing, then whistleblowing, on the ground research across the nation and broad scholarship studies, left the peacemaker with startling revelations. Some of those observations are obvious yet startling, like that we have no idea how much crime is committed. Some of the observations make it clear that we have misunderstood and misapplied the intent of the so-called Founding Fathers of America who possessed an enlightened and empathic perspective towards criminal justice which has been minimized in American correctional practices.


That beginning of America is where Crimes & Punishments: In the 21st Century begins as Wood sets up the unexpectedly revealed influence of 18th Century philosopher, Cesare Beccaria on the thinking behind the establishment of the U.S. government. From that point on, the work is a series of essays, each serving a specific purpose and understanding of how the principle is holistically integrated into a unified philosophy. Topic structuring in this way enables a manner of easy referencing for students and serious critics on subjects such as Free Will and Autonomy, The Desire to Punish, Suicide, Witnesses, Judges, Substance Regulation, Sanctuary Cities, Death Penalty, Civilian-Led Policing, Police Reform, and Gun Control.


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If for some crazy reason, paper is not your thing, iMemberMedia published an audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes; and a produces a free video and podcast series which is available on a myriad of platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Podbean, and more.


Michael Wood Jr. is a police management scholar who after spending a career in the USMC and Baltimore Police Department, took to dismantling the blue wall of silence and creating the pathway to reform; a model called Civilian-Led Policing. His fight for justice has included leading the historic Veterans for Standing Rock action in December of 2016, learning from the front lines of the Black Lives Matter on policing, opposing money in politics, and elevating the voices of others. You can find Michael in hundreds of media appearances, from HBO’s Fixing the System documentary with President Obama, to The Joe Rogan Experience, to published opinion pieces in The Guardian and Baltimore Sun, and everything in-between, where he furthers the discussion on criminal justice systems and institutions, and the needs of society.