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Daniel Crook

Daniel Crook

Daniel Crook

Daniel Crook is a painter by trade and the lead vocalist in his band, Crook, a cinematic pop band based in LA. He is a captivating artist as his raw emotions emanate throughout his music.

“On one hand, his paintings are quiet; calculated, loving and honest. On the other hand, his music is abrasive and full of ethos.” – S.E. Abramson; Culture Magazine

A sample of Daniel Crook’s Work

His latest project, a hauntingly beautiful music video for his most recent song, “Fault,” is the perfect example of Daniel’s ability to translate his interpersonal exchanges to his visual work and music. “Fault,” who’s lyrics were born out of a conflict with a close friend, reflects Daniel’s innate capacity for creating sweeping compositions that not only embrace, but compliment the candor of his attitudes.


Alex Katchadourian; Amadeus Magazine